Lesson 2

Adjacent Angles

Let’s look at some special pairs of angles.

Problem 1

Angles \(A\) and \(C\) are supplementary. Find the measure of angle \(C\).

Two angles.  Angle A, measure 74 degrees. Angle C, unmarked.


Problem 2

  1. List two pairs of angles in square \(CDFG\) that are complementary.

  2. Name three angles that sum to \(180^\circ\).
Square C D F G. Point M lies on segment D F. Angle D C M, 27 degrees. Angle D M C, 63 degrees. Angle G M F, 64 degrees. Angle M G F, 26 degrees.

Problem 3

Complete the equation with a number that makes the expression on the right side of the equal sign equivalent to the expression on the left side.

\(\displaystyle 5x-2.5 +6x-3 = \underline{\ \ \ \ }(2x-1)\)

(From Unit 6, Lesson 22.)

Problem 4

Match each table with the equation that represents the same proportional relationship.

(From Unit 2, Lesson 4.)