Modeling Prompt

So Many Flags

In Class Launch

Use after Unit 4, Lesson 9

Display an image of the flag of Nepal, such as this one, for all to see.

Image of the flag of Nepal.

Tell students that this is the flag of Nepal, which is a country in South Asia that borders India and China. Ask students “What do you notice? What do you wonder?”

Students may notice:

  • It looks like it’s made of triangles.
  • I could break it up into a rectangle and three triangles.
  • The bottom left corner looks like a right angle.

Students may wonder:

  • What shapes is the flag made of?
  • Why does it look like this?
  • How could we break up the white symbols into simpler shapes?

If it does not come up during the discussion, ask students how they might break up the shape of the flag into simpler shapes so that they could, for example, find its area.

Then tell students that in this task they will see how to construct this flag, and investigate its shape. They will also investigate the shapes involved in a flag of their choosing.

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